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An Interview with Hollow Comet: A Look Behind the Scenes

Hollow Comet first catches our attention with its sweet, crooning acoustic style, then with its unbridled exploration of an electronic sound evoking the haunting and the cinematic. Strange Ranger vocalist Isaac Eiger began releasing songs under his solo project, Hollow Comet, a little over a year ago. The eponymous record Hollow Comet from January 2019 […]

A Zoom Call with Ritt Momney

Ritt Momney is the solo project of 19-year-old Salt Lake City native Jack Rutter. We had a virtual interview with Rutter, and we learned about the life events that shaped his first album and how he’s coping during COVID-19. Listen to his latest single, “Put Your Records On,” which is available on all platforms now. […]

An Interview with Jacob Barton of Societal Siege

Societal Siege is a Montreal-based band led by singer-songwriter Jacob Barton. Although he’s originally from Kitchener, Ontario, he spoke about how Montreal brought the band members together and helped them grow. Read more to learn about the evolution of Societal Siege and their upcoming album Dennis, which will be released on April 23rd. This interview […]

A Conversation with Tierra Whack

“Philly, Philly, Philly, every chance I get, I’m always saying I’m from Philly.” In our short conversation with Tierra Whack (which almost didn’t happen due to our extreme social anxiety as we followed her from school to school), she couldn’t help but repeatedly mention her pride for Philadelphia. She recounted growing up with a love […]

Touchstone: on Molly Drag’s latest release

If sound were materialized, Touchstone would be the kind of music one keeps close to the chest, a precious knickknack from home we carve out a hidden space for, away from the world. A personal relic, the secrets buried underneath our beds. Unlike his previous album, Thumper, which spans over twelve songs, Molly Drag’s Touchstone […]

Harrison Lipton Gets Back On The Horse

Harrison Lipton had to stoop to fit into the basement he played in that night. Beneath the smoke line that separated the living room and the underground venue, the ceiling was decked in plastic vines Christmas lights, giving it a mystical garden vibe. That was where the Brooklyn-based singer serenaded the crowd with his wintry […]

Interview with Hinds

Hinds never gives anything less than every ounce of energy they have. In the past few months alone, they released their second album I Don’t Run, played 16 shows at SXSW, toured with Albert Hammond Jr., and have sold out several shows on their European tour. In what is too often a male-dominated genre, this […]

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