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Album Review: CAPRISONGS

I wasn’t ready for MAGDALENE when it came out. It was too slow for me, too moody. It took a whole year and a global pandemic to fully lose myself in its rich experimental production and emotional depths. I was extremely excited to hear more from Twigs in CAPRISONGS, even as she teased that the […]


To be honest, I never used to be a huge fan of Gunna. I saw him perform as an opener on Travis Scott’s. While he unquestionably proved his worth in the rap game when coming up with fellow Atlanta youngsters like Lil Baby through strong features and collaborative projects, I just never went out of […]

Romance, Cynicism, and Human Extinction in Grimes’s Miss Anthropocene

Is there value in an aesthetics of the climate crisis? Understanding climate change as both intimately personal and impossibly impersonal, singing alternately from the perspectives of human, earth, and machine, Grime’s Miss Anthropocene, released on 2/21 with Canadian label 4AD, paints a picture of the apocalypse which is at once bleak, romantic, and, in the artist’s own […]

Beach Bunny Walks Us Through Love in Honeymoon

With their 2018 hit “Prom Queen,” Chicago-based Beach Bunny captured countless of hearts with a stream of power-pop anthems. Lead singer Lili Trifilio’s voice is impressed with magnetism and verve, her lyrics full of heart and spirit — uniquely plucky and defiant, often sad yet always laced with a sense of vitality. On Valentine’s Day, […]

WQHS’ Albums of the 2010s

There’s an almost sacred obligation for every media publication to quantize and compile their favorites at the end of every year, decade, or century. For the most part, it’s really a great convenience to have a resource to find when trying to become acquainted with music history, especially if you weren’t around or paying attention. […]

5 Indie Gems You Might’ve Missed this Year

From Harry Styles’ recent Fine Line to Lizzo’s breakout album Cuz I Love You, 2019 witnessed both mainstream artists redefining familiar sounds and newer talents entering the scene. Here are five releases this year you might have missed: 1. Girlpool: What Chaos Is Imaginary A continuing departure from their earliest sounds, What Chaos Is Imaginary creates a […]

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