Author: Nour Elkassabany

Robyn Joins Kindness on Single “Cry Everything”

“Cry Everything” is Adam Bainbridge’s first release as Kindness since their 2014 album, Otherness. For an artist as devoted to collaborations as Bainbridge, this apparent absence can be misleading. In the time since Otherness, they have contributed to Solange’s A Seat at the Table, as well as Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound and Negro Swan. This […]

Nour’s January Round-Up

Last spring, I attempted to start a recurring feature that used my tendency to play single songs on repeat for good and intentionally listen to more new releases. It lasted for a few months, but old habits die hard. I couldn’t keep up with the releases. There were just too many: too many I wasn’t […]

Mitski at Union Transfer

Almost exactly one month after her first Philly stop, Mitski brought her Be the Cowboy show back to another sold out Union Transfer crowd. That first show was conveniently also the first of the tour’s North American leg, and with just a string of New York shows scheduled for the rest of 2018, Mitski’s two […]

March Round-Up

On paper, one of my worst music-listening habits is my tendency to play the same thing on repeat for days a time. I get clocked for it by observant friends who follow my Spotify and anyone who might ask what I’ve been listening to lately. In my defense, when a song or an album is […]

A Chat with Nate Banks of Arlie

Arlie was born in Nashville. While making music on his own at Vanderbilt College, singer and guitarist Nate Banks met Carson Lystad (guitar), Jason Antwi (bass/vocals), and Adam Lochemes (drums). Since the band’s formation, they’ve been busy in the Nashville area, while featured spots on Spotify-curated playlists grew their presence online. We spoke to Nate […]

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