EP Review: RiP to the Peaceful (me)

Born in Denver, raised in Israel and currently based in New York; Slim Reaper is a resurgent lyricist and boom bap revivalist. Drawing inspiration from rappers like MF DOOM, Nas and Earl Sweatshirt, Slim uses complex rhymes and unique imagery to flow confidently and tell personal stories. His debut EP “RiP to the PEACEFUL (me)” focuses on battling demons, overcoming complacency and confronting your worst tendencies. The EP’s producers (DJ Eionz and yugs) use a variety of unique and melodic beats to provide the perfect backdrop for Slim’s narrative ability. Each track captures a different mood, and keeps you thinking as you bump along.

The first of the five songs, “The Peaceful Me,” sets the tone with a dreamy piano harmony juxtaposed with swinging drums and powerful snares. Slim’s vocals enter and paint a picture of recklessness and lack of focus. The EP continues with “Pusher” and “Turned” which dive into a process of self awareness and building the confidence to overcome destructive habits. The mix-tape concludes with “Shover” and the title track “RIP to the Peaceful Me”, which use crisp, hard-hitting production to demonstrate a fundamental character change. Slim has gone from passive to active and taken responsibility for his life. He owns both his passions and demons.  

Yugs, a WQHS radio show host of Undecided in the College, is one of the album’s producers. He is a childhood friend of Slim Reaper, and this is his first foray into hip hop production. Yugs took interest in the project after reading Slim’s lyrics and believing he could use his musical talent to create a propulsive ambience and exciting listening experience. Yugs helped develop the tracks at an early stage, including “Shover”, for which he produced an original beat. He accompanied Slim Reaper to the recording studio and offered perspective and feedback to refine the sound of the EP. Yugs eventually assisted with the mixing and mastering process, completing “RiP to the PEACEFUL (me).” Take the chance to listen to these artists while they are still on the come-up!


You can find “RiP to the PEACEFUL (me)” on any streaming service by clicking here. 

Check out beats and instrumentals by yugs here.