DREAMERS at Voltage Lounge

On a cold and rainy Tuesday evening, DREAMERS brought the heat to Philly’s Voltage Lounge. Following strong opening sets from morgxn and Weathers, the crowd eagerly anticipated DREAMERS’ set, managing to make the walls reverberate with their screams. While DREAMERS themselves are a fairly younger band, the audience ranged in age, with many of those in attendance in their late-teens or early 20s, in addition to a good number in their 30s and 40s.

The Voltage Lounge is a small venue (I could clearly hear my friend scream my name from the balcony when I arrived), but it was packed front to back by DREAMERS’ opening number. Kicking off with “SCREWS” off their newest EP, Launch, the crowd began to scream along to every word.

DREAMERS ended their set on a high with their most popular hits, including “DRUGS,” “Painkiller,” “Sweet Disaster,” and “Wolves.” The floors were shaking throughout the set, as the people towards the front of the crowd jumped through the hour and a half performance.

All in all, DREAMERS put on a strong set, that showed clear growth from the last time I saw them over a year and a half ago. The development in their sound, style, production, and performance is clear — and it makes me all the more excited for their next full LP.