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WQHS’ Albums of the 2010s

There’s an almost sacred obligation for every media publication to quantize and compile their favorites at the end of every year, decade, or century. For the most part, it’s really a great convenience to have a resource to find when trying to become acquainted with music history, especially if you weren’t around or paying attention. […]

Nour’s January Round-Up

Last spring, I attempted to start a recurring feature that used my tendency to play single songs on repeat for good and intentionally listen to more new releases. It lasted for a few months, but old habits die hard. I couldn’t keep up with the releases. There were just too many: too many I wasn’t […]

March Round-Up

On paper, one of my worst music-listening habits is my tendency to play the same thing on repeat for days a time. I get clocked for it by observant friends who follow my Spotify and anyone who might ask what I’ve been listening to lately. In my defense, when a song or an album is […]