Big Thief Is Back, A Review of the Band’s Latest Singles

The American indie rock band Big Thief is ramping up for a powerful return with the release of four new singles and the announcement of several 2022 North American tour dates. In the November 2021 issue of the British music magazine Mojo, the band announced that they will be releasing a double album in early 2022. From their four latest releases alone, it is clear that Big Thief’s next album will be well worth the wait. 

On August 10th, Big Thief released the singles “Little Things” and “Sparrow,”  their newest material since 2019.  These two tracks were a welcomed gift to fans. After the rapid release of the equally impressive and beautiful albums U.F.O.F and Two Hands within just months of each other in 2019, many have been eagerly waiting to hear the band return. 

Recorded in 2020 in Topanga, California, “Little Things,” re-introduces the familiar sound of vocalist Adrienne Lenker layered over guitars and drums. The lyrics sound like romantic poetry: “Living in the city is a crowded place/I still lose sight of every other face.” Lenker has an impeccable ability to capture the listener and immerse them in her story.  This love song reaches its climax as Lenker’s crisp vocals turn into eerie shouts and the instrumental crescendos. Flawlessly, Big Thief melds the beautiful with the strange.

While “Little Things” is full of energy and passion, “Sparrow” is slow and comforting, reminiscent of a song that would be sung around a campfire. In this song, Lenker sings about a sparrow, an eagle, and then the Biblical creation story: “Eve Sucked the juice from the apple.” It’s vivid, yet enigmatic.  

Since August 2021, Big Thief has gone on to release two additional singles “Certainty” and “Change.” Released this past September, “Certainty” is a bittersweet song about a love that ebbs and flows like a “Sine wave.” Lenker’s vocals are supported by the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar.  Like “Sparrow”, this song is warm and soothing, a perfect sound for the fall season. Following the release of “Certainty” was the surprise-drop of “Change,” a song that contemplates the nature of life and death while considering a relationship that has grown and ended. “Would you live forever, never die/While everything around passes‘ ‘ Lenker inquires. The lyrics are dark and wistful, but the instrumentals and vocals are undeniably charming. 

In Big Thief’s U.F.O.F listeners encountered sounds of the strange and eerie, while Two Hands delivered a more raw, intimate and folksy experience. The band’s latest singles indicate a perfect blend of these two directions with a mix of both acoustic and synthetic sounds. Beyond Big Thief’s production, it’s their lyricism that sets them apart from the rest. 

Check out Big Thief’s latest music and their upcoming tour dates.