Walter TV: Your Daily Dose of Jangly Guitar from Mac Demarco’s Bandmates

Walter TV

Walter TV is to Mac Demarco as Pond is to Tame Impala. The band shares and has shared DNA with Mac’s band (including having Mac himself play bass for them) and the two acts have a lot in common- jangly guitars, fat basslines, and a lot of baseball caps. Hailing from Canada, the band recently released their latest album Carpe Diem via Sinderlyn- standout tracks include “Springtime” and “Alaska Cruisin’”.

Bassist Simon Ankerman is a canoe guide where he frequents a chain of lakes with ecotourists each year. Lead singer/guitarist Pierce McGarry is on hiatus from the Mac Demarco Band while pursuing other interests in film, art, and music. On drums, Joe McMurray also plays for Mac, using his spare time to enjoy his English Lit degree.

Check out Walter TV for a lo-fi recording sound, lighthearted lyrics that are vaguely nature-y, jangly guitars, and a tight live band. Their video for “Graceland” is out now, and the goofy video is well worth a watch.

Photo by Brandon Harnish


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