Toro y Moi at Union Transfer

Electronic artist, singer, songwriter, record producer, and DJ Chaz Bear (also known as Toro y Moi) continued promoting his upcoming album Outer Peace at his Philly stop at Union Transfer on 11/13.

Minnesota alternative R&B artist, Dizzy Fae, opened the night full of personality. With Alec Ness working the keyboard and drum machine, Fae gave a fun and quirky performance with lively melodies and funky dancing.

Unlike Toro‘s last visit to Philly (where he stuck to turn-tabling), he pulled up with a full band and light show that made for a groovy, hypnagogic, and entrancing show.

When I saw the tour was supporting his upcoming album, I wasn’t sure how he’d go about promoting the album if he hasn’t released it yet. After opening his set with the intro track “Mirage” from his 2017 effort Boo Boo, the rest of the show gave the audience a number of pleasant surprises. The remainder of his set was made up of 8 unreleased tracks from the 10 tracks off Outer Peace, including his latest single, “Freelance,” as well as fan-favorites like “New Beat,” “So Many Details,” and “Girl Like You.” And spoiler alert, this album is about to be some heat.

Chaz was a bubbly performer, showing off some dance-moves as if he was alone in his bedroom as well as giving just enough wholesome audience interaction. I do not remember the last time I went to a show of that size that consistently got such exuberant reception after each song.

The next album, at times, seems to be Toro at his most psychedelic, other times his most confident, and others his most vibrant. I certainly find him to be one of the most exciting electronic acts of today, as well as an exemplary product of the internet-age’s DIY community.

Outer Peace drops January 18th.


Mirage // No Show // Freelance // Ordinary Pleasure // Still Sound // Laws of the Universe // Grown Up Calls // Monte Carlo // Labyrinth // Fading // Girl Like You // Who I Am // Inside My Head // 50-50 // So Many Details // Say That // New House // New Beat // Rose Quartz

Photo courtesy of Jack Bool.