The Meadows 2017: Who to Catch

Next weekend, the Meadows takes over Citi Field in Queens, NY. Here are the acts you can’t miss:


Run the Jewels- This duo’s high energy beats make for the perfect festival set.

Two Door Cinema Club- Everyone’s favorite indie-rock band! Come see Alex Trimble’s recently shaved head!

Marian Hill- This electronic funk duo is originally from Philly, and Sam’s dance moves are something we can all aspire to.

Circa Waves- The lead singer looks exactly like John Mayer, so come snap a photo and trick all your friends into thinking you’re seeing an acoustic singer-songwriter instead of one of the best young rock bands in the UK.


Public Access TV- These guys are reminiscent of a modern Television- New York rockers who named themselves after TV.

TV On The Radio- This band didn’t miss the TV memo either.


Red Hot Chili Peppers- Because the Red Hot Chili Peppers have inspired the highest number of ass-tattoos of any modern touring band.

Dreamers-In an extremely risky move, they titled their debut album was called This Album Does Not Exist. Take a risk yourself and see if they actually have any music to play or if it’s all an elaborate ruse.

Arkells- The best live act you will ever see. Come see a band that sells out arenas in Canada play at noon on a Sunday in the US. Because America ruins everything.



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