Songs That Are Important to Me, Gene: “Beyond Love” by Beach House

beyond love. i was on my way

back from new york. the megabus

was relatively empty. it was quiet



july 2018. i wasn’t on talking terms with my

best friend. i wasn’t on talking terms with

my mom, too. so i directed my energy

towards this one person. gave them my full



at the time i was convinced i was in love. but i think i

just needed someone to feel concerned for me. 


we were texting while i waited for the bus to

leave. i sent them a message: “i’ll see you

soon” i received a message: “can’t wait” 


and i remember feeling so warm. at

the thought of someone waiting for



i knew they weren’t. no one was.

but the idea of it. someone waiting to see me. it was nice to

summon the possibility. 


beyond love. someone’s

waiting for you, gene. the

song played. 


beyond love. i believed it.

someone’s waiting for you, gene. that person. your

friend. your mom. 

for four minutes and twenty five

seconds. i really believed it. 


and i remember smiling. and

feeling safe enough to fall asleep. 


beyond love. no

expectations. just a kind