Death By Unga Bunga at Underground Arts

deathbyungabunga_abiraymaker-1.jpgPunk rockers Death By Unga Bunga from Norway came through Underground Arts in Philly last month. Supporting Stiff Little Fingers, DBUB has been touring the US for all of September, making their way from California to New York. DBUB have a great sound for a live show, where the energy of an underground punk show meets high levels of skill and musicianship, and no one takes themselves too seriously. Lead singer Sebastian spends most of his time in the crowd, lying on the concrete floor of the venue, or perched precariously between the barricade and the stage. His bowl style haircut has grown out since we last caught DBUB in Philly, but it’s nice to see some things haven’t change, like drummer Ole‘s outfit of choice: a jean vest fitted snugly over a hairy belly.

The band starts just before 9- the only punk rock band ever to start their set 5 minutes early- and finishes with “Young Girls”, prefacing the song with a warning: “this song is about the most dangerous population in our society today: TEENAGE GIRLS!”

If you’re already caught up on your DBUB, check out the new tracks “Bye-bye” and “Into the Night”. If you need an introduction to this band of Norwegian misfits, start with Pineapple Pizza, their most recent LP released in 2016. Bonus points if you go visit the Pineapple Pizza vinyl hanging in Pizza Brain’s Pizza Museum in Fishtown.


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